First Time Seeing the Ocean

Today was the first time Landon saw the ocean. We are down here at Bethany Beach, DE. The weather has been so hot (100+ past two days). This morning we took him down to see what he would think. Once again, our brave little boy smiled big at the sand and waves. He got his feet wet, and he really enjoyed touching the sand. He would poke it with his finger and stare at the way it stuck to his palms. Tomorrow the weather is going to be better for a longer beach day, expect more pictures and updates!

Here are some pictures of course:

A Little Nap


Amy asked Landon to take a nap so she could catch a "Birthday Nap."

Out of love for his mom, he tuckered himself out in his bouncy horse watching Baby Mozart.

What a boy!

Happy Birthday Amy!


This is just a note to say how awesome my wife is. Today (well in a few hours) she turns 30. I can't believe how amazing she is at raising our son. It is so much fun to watch her do what God designed her for.

I love you forever and always.

Love of mine, Oh my, how we have grown We're different now Don't ever want to go back to being alone It's different now And I wouldn't change a thing - Different Now by The Classic Crime

A New Kind of Manliness


This poem was written in response to the pressure of society to leave our mark. I think as men we grow up thinking that our ability to create something makes us powerful. What would the world look like if men all over this country would live a life contrary to the pressure of the society? How long would it take until we started closing down orphanages? What would happen if giving homes to the orphans was as beautiful as creating offspring?

"I have no offspring that bears my image. There is no line of blood I leave. Yet, I look in my son’s eyes and I know he was created for me and for the pleasure of my God. And in him, he bears much resemblance." -IMS 7-2-10

A James Wright Poem


I was reading some poetry by James Wright, and I came across this one....

A Song for the Middle of the Night

Now first of all he means the night
You beat the crib and cried
And brought me spinning out of bed
To powder your backside
I rolled your buttocks over
And I could not complain:
Legs up, la la, legs down, la la,
Back to sleep again.

You can read the full poem here.

Legs up and Legs down, la la, is just too much fun. I love being a dad, even when sleep is elusive.