100% Boy!!

We have had a couple of really nice days around here this last week and Landon and I have really been enjoying being able to get out and walk. He is loving the independence that comes with actually walking instead of being in this stroller. As soon as I open the door now he literally jumps out of my arms and shouts "walk, walk walk." Yesterday I had planned to take him to target to get diapers and some other really boring things but I decided to take him to the Marina for a nice, peaceful walk instead. It started out wonderful and the Marina was packed with people and their children. Landon started out walking slowly just taking it all in. Pointing to birds and squirrels and then would stop to pick up leaves and sticks. It wasn't long before he was running all over the park and shouting his new favorite word- "NO" everytime I got near him or tried to hold his hand. I really had no idea that at 17 months old he would be to cool to hold him mommy's hand!! I was a little sad. It wasn't long before he was running through huge fields of mud. I saw it coming but couldn't stop it in time. My little man and myself were covered in mud. The walk just kept getting better and better in the eyes of my precious son. There were large piles of filthy snow to climb, and puddles everywhere that were great for jumping in. I figured since we were already a mess he should just do it 100% and that he did. I taught him how to clean his hands in the puddle and he thought that was absolutely hilarious. I actually had to try and force him to play at the playground. He wanted nothing to do with it, the swings and slides just didn't compare to the mud and puddles. I kept looking around to see if any of the other kids were as filthy as my son was but all I kept seeing was little girls with pretty pink shoes holding their mommy's hands!! We really did have a great time and thank goodness the weather was so nice because I had to take off Landon's shoes and pants before I could even put him in his car seat.

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  1. This whole post just warms my heart =) It is so awesome to hear how he is growing and exploring and the activities and adventures that you and Ian are opening him up to. =)