Walking and Sinking

Peter. In the church we sometimes like to use his character to edify our situation. "At least I didn't put my foot in my mouth like that...or I can't believe he cut a guy's ear off...." Yeah, Peter was tops at blowing it. His comments when Jesus is transfigured, his sword move, the call to be totally washed, and the list goes on. Peter...speaks up. acts out. misses the point. The great thing about Peter is that he was chosen by Jesus. A quote from Matt Chandler that I have enjoyed lately, "The future is not something God knows about; it's a place that He is." So in considering the pick of Peter, they knew what they were getting. He had future Peter covered and still could love the liability Peter.. That is great news for people like me. I am so far from being there.

The highlight of Peter for me is getting out of the boat. What a crazy bold move to ask Jesus if he could walk to Him. You think after all the other things (keep still and quiet), but for those of us who can't sit still, we Tigger hop at the idea. I find my faith being much like Peter. It is bold and causes me to move toward Jesus with an awesome passion. It is also a faith that leads me to situations I can make a mess of. You see in chasing God's heart for adoption I am sometimes walking on the water and sometimes I am sinking. I trust... I move on the waves like Kelly Slater... I lose my focus...I sink like a guy that wronged the mafia. How easy it is to doubt and get our eyes on the wrong things!

Please continue to pray for us. Life can be distracting from God's purposes for us. We are chasing after Jesus buy sometimes that means to places we have never been. When you find yourself on unfamiliar ground reach for Him. He beckoned you here. He's got you.

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