Landon at the Museum

A few weeks ago we visited the " Bloomsburg Children's Museum". To say that Landon enjoyed himself would be a huge understatement!!!! The minute we walked through the doors he was off running!!! He was so busy just taking it all in, this boy loves life. Ian and I feel completely blessed to be able to experience the world through Landon's eyes. Just a few pictures from our day.

My sister-in-law Amy and my adorable nephew, Liam.

Landon was having a great time playing with these Lego- like toys until I discovered that he was trying to eat one of the pieces. I had to remove it from his mouth and that caused a little heart break for the little guy. Uncle Wes was able to catch the whole tantrum with pictures. Landon is really good at throwing a tantrum but also really quick to get over them. These last four pictures are proof. Usually a little drink from RUBA (the name that Landon made up for sippy cup!! Don't know where it came from) is all it takes to make him happy again.

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