We took Landon to an Easter Egg Hunt at one of the local churches in our town. Since we have been getting so much rain these days, the hunt was indoors. As we walked down the hall to the room where Landon's age group would be hunting eggs, Landon was so excited (not because he loves Easter egg hunts, but because he could see all the "balls" laying all over the floor.) As soon as we were in the room the lady announced that the kids could go. Landon took off running and kicking the eggs. Ian has been playing soccer with Landon since he was able to walk so it just made sense for him to kick the eggs. I did manage to catch up with him and tried to explain what he was to do with the eggs but he wanted nothing to do with it. As soon as we did fill his bucket he took it and dumped it out all over the floor. Oh well, the kids around him where happy and we really didn't need the candy. He did leave with a few eggs and his prize possession (peanut butter cup). He savored every minute of this wonderful treat. It took him 20 minutes to eat it because all he would do is lick it. Nothing wrong with savoring a good piece of chocolate.

Notice Landon's empty bucket!!! Poor guy!!!

Family pictures before church.

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