Highlights From The Best Two Months of Our Lives

Landon has been changing daily since we got home. It has been a wild ride each day as he changes so quickly. Some major milestones include:
  • The acquisition of his two front teeth (bottom). We started giving him little puffs to try and chew today. Sometimes he laughs and chomps away, and other times he makes himself gag. It's pretty funny to watch.
  • He can roll over both ways, but often gets stuck on his stomach (which makes him angry like a hornet).
  • He can sit and play with toys. We usually have to put pillows behind him though for the occasional effort to back flip. He also ends up on his face when he tries to reach too far.
  • He loves to jump and spin in his bounce-about. His favorite part seems to be a hanging string (the one without a toy on the end of it).
  • He loves to go for walks, and will usually fall asleep instantly. He also loves any kind of swing.
  • So far there have been two birthday parties (Cousin Brady "Cookie Monster" Theme, and Cousin Liam "Pirate" Theme), one very belated Christmas party (thanks to G-ma), two Easter egg hunts, one Easter egg painting shin-dig, and one church Pot-Luck picnic.
Below is a slide show of these moments:

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  1. Love the slide show! Sitota is rolling, sitting up and eating solids. Fun!