Fun, Food and Fantasy!

On May 1st we took Landon to Knoebels Grove Amusement Park. This was obviously his first time at an amusement park and I think I was way more excited to take him there than he actually was to be there. I mean, he is only 8 months old!! He did get on two rides, the first being the BABY carousel (neither Ian nor I can do spinning rides anymore so it was a toss-up who would take him). Ian ended up riding with him. He survived but did get off the ride a little paler. Did I mention that it was the BABY carousel?!! I shouldn't talk, I was sick just watching and taking pictures. The next ride was the antique cars. The three of us rode together and enjoyed some shade from the 85 degree weather. Landon's favorite part of the day was just watching all the rides in motion. He would stare at them and just smile so big. He is such a little thinker. He will just sit and really watch things and you can tell that is is studying everything. All in all it was a great day spent with Grammy and Pappy, Aunt Amy and Uncle Wes and Ellie and Liam.

Landon with Elliana.

Landon's First Ride at Knoebels!

Cooling off with Grammy at the North Pole.

Lots of fun makes the little guy very tired.

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