Day Four: Embassy day

Monday morning we woke early to have breakfast at the hotel. (Delicious omelets, fried lentils and fabulous coffee.) We had to be ready to leave the hotel for the Embassy at 8am. Our entire group piled into a large van and started the hour long drive. The traffic was pretty much bumper to bumper and at every intersection the cars were bottle-necked. I don't recall seeing any traffic lights and it didn't really seem like there were too many rules of the road but everyone is so friendly. In Ethiopia it is polite to beep at other drivers when you are driving. We made it to the Embassy and got to see a lot of sights along the way. Landon slept the whole ride and we would soon learn he does this anytime he is in motion. Ian and I were a little nervous for our embassy appointment because we had been told that sometimes the people are not very friendly but this was not our experience at all. We had a very young girl who was very friendly and even talked to us about the Pocono's and said she had visited there before. The appointment lasted only 5 minutes and there was really nothing to it. I don't even really recall what all was said. It was so hot in the building and we were completely exhausted. I do remember raising our right hands and saying something and with that we were finished!!!! Our time at the embassy lasted for two hours because we had to wait until everyone in our group was finished. When we got back to the hotel we ate lunch as a group and then the plan was to meet in the basement conference room at three to hang out. We were so tired that when we got back to our room we (actually only I) fell asleep for three hours. Ian stayed awake and held Landon while he babbled for three hours straight. Apparently he had a lot to tell us!! I could hear him in my sleep but I could not wake up. I did want to give Ian a break but my body would not let me. Finally Ian woke me and said I had to get up because he could not stay awake, I said no and he said well you have to because there is a baby sitting on you and sure enough he had Landon sitting on my back!!!!!! this sleeping pattern seemed to be our norm there, because of the time difference we were so tired during the day and wide awake at night.
Below are a few pictures of the traffic in Addis and our group photo of all the families that adopted children from Hannah's Hope.

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