Day 7: Our last day in Ethiopia

Thursday we woke with mixed feelings. We were feeling excited to get our precious little boy home safe and sound , but sad to be leaving this beautiful country. In a way I feel like I could have stayed there forever. Ian and I still say that someday we will move to Africa! We had so many wonderful experiences while we were there and met so many amazing people. We would have loved to have had more time to see more of the country. I guess it will have to wait till next time. Yes, Ian and I have decided that we are going to adopt another child from Ethiopia. With the new policy in effect we will be traveling TWO times to bring our next baby home!!! That really excites me because I had the most amazing time in Ethiopia. Anyway, back to Thursday!!! I got up early so I could pack our bags and have everything ready then we headed down to breakfast. We met some of the families from our group and a lot of us just kinda lingered at breakfast a little longer than usual. I think we were all feeling the same way. We didn't really want to say goodbye to each other. It still amazes me the bond that we all shared. We were truly blessed with our travel group. After we ate we headed back up to our room to finish our packing. We were planning on meeting as a group one last time before everybody parted ways. Regina led us in the most beautiful prayer, (she brought most of us to tears) then it was time to say goodbye. Our flight was the first to leave Ethiopia and two of the other families from our group were on it. Landon slept the whole four hours to Dubai (Ian said he knew he would be a good sleeper). Ha Ha, we still had another 14 hours from Dubai to New York (it actually turned into 16 hours because our plane could not land because of the snow). Landon had decided that he didn't need any sleep during this flight. He had too many people to look at and talk to. He babbled for hours straight and hated the bassinet we got for him. Oh well, we survived it and we are ready to do it again. Once we finally landed at JFK, it was smooth sailing at the airport. We cruised right through customs and immigration. No problems at all. Thank you God. We were met at the airport by my mom, sister, and Ian's mom. They couldn't wait to meet Landon. Landon couldn't stop saying da da da the whole time!!!!!! We didn't stick around the airport too long, we are exhausted and so thankful that we didn't have to drive home. Were on our last leg of the trip and even with the snow, we made it home!!!!

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