Day 6: Cultural Dinner Night

Wednesday was a day for us to just hang out at the hotel and relax with Landon and our friends. We had another great breakfast. I think I may have had three cups of coffee with breakfast. Knowing that we only had one more day left in Ethiopia made me want to just sit all day and savor every little sip. Seriously, I am still talking about the coffee. We did bring home 10 pounds of it but it has not tasted the same even once. Later that afternoon Almaz brought some very important papers to the hotel for us and the other families. They were all in sealed envelopes that we were not allowed to open. They needed to be handed over to Immigrations once we landed at JFK. She also took some time to reflect with us on the amazing journey that we have started and shared with us some very inspiring words that I will remember forever. She truly is an amazing women who deeply loves and cares for each child that has come through Hannah's Hope. After our meeting we took a group photo and said our goodbyes and thank-you's to Almaz since this would be the last time we would see her. Our cultural dinner was at 7pm that night and Ian and I were really looking forward to it. It was at an awesome restaurant and everything was done in traditional Ethiopian style. Below are some pictures from the night.

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