Day Five: Shopping and Dinner

Tuesday was our day to go to the shopping market and Italian Restaurant. The only bad part was that we were not allowed to take our children with us. That meant that we either had to take Landon back to Hannah's Hope or one of us had to stay behind at the hotel. Ian and I decided that we would both go to the market because we wanted to be able to see as much of Ethiopia as we could and also we wanted to buy some Ethiopian gifts for Landon and ourselves! Everything at the market was made locally and prices were negotiable. Below are two pictures of adorable little boys that I just loved. The top pictures is a boy who was shining shoes and the bottom is of a boy who was selling gum. I asked both if I could take their pictures and they both agreed, don't they have beautiful smiles!!! We did buy some gum from the one little guy and we gave him a bottle of water. He took a pack of his gum, crushed it up(the gum was very hard and crumbly) put it in his water and shook it up. Smart boy!!!!! We all got a kick out of that!!!!

After shopping we headed to an Italian restaurant where they also sold local artwork. It was very beautiful but a little pricey. It was very nice to be together as a group and get to know one another better. Our group was awesome, we all got very close throughout the week. The food at the restaurant was really good. Ian and I ordered a pizza with blue cheese crumbles on it. It was a nice change from all the Ethiopian food we had been eating. It was a little taste of home.

A slide show of various shots throughout the day:

After dinner, we went back to Hannah's Hope to pick up the kids. Everyone was really excited to get there and not be separated from their children again. Landon was in his bouncy seat, and when we walked in he got a huge smile. It really seemed like he was anticipating our return. It was a lot of fun to see all the kids reunite with their families. One cool thing we discovered was that Sitota and Landon had beds next to each other. Below is a picture of Amy and Kathleen next to the beds:

We stayed around Hannah's Hope for awhile watching the older children play. It was sad to think that for some of them it would be the last time they would see their friends. Below are some pictures on the balcony outside of Landon's room:

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