Welcome Home

After what ended up being a 20 hour flight (total from Ethiopia to Dubai and Dubai to New York) because of the snow storm and then a three hour drive home in the snow we were more than ready to be "welcomed home". Our families were waiting patiently (well probably not too patiently) to meet Landon. It was nice to have them here and Landon seemed to be holding up better than Ian and I. We were totally exhausted and couldn't wait to get some sleep. Our families didn't stay long. Just long enough for some cake and goodies and a few big hugs and kisses from the cutest little guy in the world!!!! Our first night home as a family went pretty well. Landon slept better than we did. We had him in our room in a bassinet which we soon realized was not the best option for all of us. I woke with every sound he made and he woke up every time his arms would bang into the side of the bassinet. (After about four nights of this we tried him in his crib in his own room and he loved it. Big enough that he can stretch his arms straight out!) Landon didn't do as bad as I was anticipating with the time difference. I really thought that he would have his days and nights mixed up, but I think his lack of sleep on the plane helped with the transition a little bit. See, he knew what he was doing staying up for sixteen hours straight!!

Aunt Jenna with Landon
Uncle Chris and Landon
Landon with Pappy
Paige and Landon
Elliana and Landon
Brady and Landon

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