We Are Back

God has a way to keeping us moving. The movement allows us to come closer and closer to His heart. We believed we are called to adopt. We are not out to satisfy a longing for children. Yes, we love kids and want to fill our house, but more importantly we want to be about HIS THINGS. Recognizing the work that was done to adopt us into His family, we believe our response is to show the same love to those that need a loving family. 

For The Snyders, we say Yes. When God asks if we will move and stretch to follow His will. We are about saying Yes. 

This will be our 3rd adoption, and we have learned so much each process. Our lesson for this time seems so clear to me. DO NOT LIMIT ME. In the past, we have enjoyed watching God's hand more quietly behind the scenes to orchestrate our adoption funding. With the adoption of Avarie, we were led to use a home equity loan. With this adoption, God seems to be shouting ever louder to me. "Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it." -Psalms 81:10. We are excited to share the opportunity for others to join us. Will you jump on board and join us in what God is doing? 

You may not be called to adopt children. But you may be a prayer warrior. You might be praying over how to use some money. You may have connections to resources. We want to see Jesus be lifted high. Move closer to the heart of God. Join our journey to adopt.

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