Precious pumpkin and the Old Maid

On friday, Landon and I visited daddy at school for a Halloween Party. Halloween is a pretty big deal at my husbands school. After a party with lots of sugar the kids get dressed in their costumes and parade around outside for all the parents to see. This was not Landon's first visit to 2nd grade but it was the first time since he started walking. Let's just say Ian's room is not baby proof. If I would have let him, Landon could have destroyed his daddy's classroom in a matter of seconds. He did manage to dump a whole box of rulers, a box of assorted shapes, he pulled all kinds of papers and pencils out of one kids desk, ripped papers off the magnetic board, and was seconds away from dumping a can of change and the ant farm my husband just ordered for his classroom. Let me just say that Landon keeps me moving. It is great exercise trying to keep up with a thirteen month old. I was curious to see what Landon would think about seeing all the costumes and really hoping there wouldn't be anything too scary for him. He wasn't at all afraid, he went right up to people he didn't even know. He loved the teacher who dress like a barrel of monkeys. This years theme for the teachers was "children's games." My husband being one of two male teachers in his school, thought it would be a good idea if he were to dress like the "old maid." Great idea Ian!!!

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