The tree actually comes in the house!!!!

I don't think that Landon could believe his eyes when the tree was carried into the house. It made that much more amazing to him. Our little guy danced around the house the whole time we were getting the tree set up and did it with the biggest smile on his face. I think he loves this tradition!!! (it's way better than dying Easter eggs!!!) The best part was when I started to water the tree, Landon brought his sippy cup over and started to dump it into the tree stand. He is so observant and loves to help out. Next came the lights. Landon and lights go hand and hand. He loved helping with this part. Actually he ran around the living room holding onto the lights and flinging them all around. It was so much fun just watching the excitement in his eyes. The tree is now decorated and Landon has been un-decorating it ever since!!!

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