Day 1: Leaving for Ethiopia

We got Landon's room ready before the trip. A jungle theme just seemed to fit his welcome to a wild and crazy family.

This was our last photo before leaving the house, and having Amy's mom and sister drive us to JFK. A large portion of the big suitcases was to donate to Hannah's Hope. They are always in need of extra baby supplies.

Our flight left JFK at 11pm, and flew through the night. We flew Emirates, which was actually the cheapest, and filled with more luxury then we needed. Amy slept a large portion of the trip, while I played around with my personal TV (little did I know that I would want that sleep back!). We then landed in Dubai (this is the immaculate airport on the left). The airline put us up in a hotel for the night, and shuttled us back to the airport in the morning for our comparatively short, four hour flight to Ethiopia.
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