Day 3: Part 2- Gotcha

Day three was about so much more than seeing the sights and experiencing the culture. It was the culmination of nearly a year of waiting. From the time we left the meeting everyone was a bit hurried to get to Hannah's Hope. Our knees knocked on the ride, and thankfully it was only about 2 miles from our hotel. As we made the turn on to the bumpy dirt road leading to the gate, reality sat like a lump in our throats. A thousand thoughts and questions began to race through my head, but all thoughts fled when that gate was opened wide.

After a few moments inside the gate, we were motioned by Almaz. She led us to where she thought Landon was, but it turns out he was somewhere else. We were led all over the complex until finally we found out he was in his room. It was then a race to change our shoes at the door (small yellow crocs for me, green for Amy) and race up the marble stairs. Our awesome friend, Kathleen agreed to shoot our video for us. Up the stairs we made a dash for the door. Inside the pink and flower printed room was our beautiful boy waiting expectantly for us in his bouncy seat. He was the most amazing thing we had ever seen, and for a few seconds we just smiled and touched his hands. We couldn't wait long though before we picked him up and held him close in our arms. His first reaction was a huge smile and a few giggles. It was as if he was saying, "I knew you'd come."

Here is our Gotcha Day Video:

We stayed around Hannah's Hope for a time while some of the older children got used to their new families. Landon chose to take a nap on me the first time I held him, and continued that nap all the way back to our hotel. It was so humbling to be holding our son for the first time knowing our missing piece was now found.

Our first night together in the hotel was like this: Landon slept great, and we barely slept a wink. We mostly just watched him in the crib at the base of our bed. We kept whispering to each other all night long about how beautiful he was and making comments on any little movement he made in his sleep. Sleep deprivation was a theme through our whole trip.... more on that later.

Enjoy some pictures from the day:

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  1. So fun to see your gotcha moment. I will never forget that sweet little guy and his hair. Too cute. I do hope you are all doing well and adjusting to life with your new precious son.

    ((hugs)) cris