Day 2: Dubai to Ethiopia

We got to Ethiopia in four hours. At the airport we met another couple, Aaron and Michelle, who were also adopting through All God's Children. We hit it off right away. They were equally excited to get their son. This is a short clip of the ride from the airport to our hotel, The Riviera.

The hotel turned out to be much more extravagant than what we were expecting.
Here are some shots of our room:

That evening we meet two other couples, Johnny and Amy, and Bret and Kathleen. We had quite the group building! We were amazed that they had already picked up their children. I guess a simple call to the Almaz, and they hopped a ride to the orphange. Amy's response at around 9pm, "I want to go over and just look in the windows!" We also learned about getting a tour with a taxi driver, and that would lead to some awesome times the next day.

Obviously we were jealous and much too excited to sleep.
It was a bit of a shock that we were less than 24 hrs away from the culmination of what God had called us to almost a year ago.

*Anyone who is planning to go, please ask for Solomon! We will be posting his picture and phone number. More to come on that soon...

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  1. So glad to follow along with your blog. Hope you are all adjusting well.